The Leaders of the Legion

Familiarize yourselves with the active leading members of the ORDER of ANUBIS via their biographies below !



TRÉ magnificent / ZiiirkO


The Primary Founder of both Once Again Music Group & Rogue $quadron , as DJ/Producer Ziiirko & Hip-Hop MC TRÉ magnificent, nothing matters more to him than music, art, and creativity ! With a string of singles available through both personas there is something for everyone out ! Feel free to reach out to him through "" for most matters or "" or "" for more specific matters.





The Primary Production Powerhouse of both OA & R$ as Hussel Brand no one is able to bring the beats quite the way he can. However a one-trick-pony he isn't, able to spit circles around any of your favorite MCs as KiD Orpheus! With Debut EPs coming soon from both personas via OA & R$ he is definitely one to look out for in both the electronic music and hip-hop arenas ! All inquires may be sent to "", all booking directed to "

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