"2uesday a series" is precisely that, a new on-going series! Every second day of the week we will share two pieces of content that are either both brand new, unreleased, or exclusive to the ORDER of ANUBIS in the hopes of turning an otherwise unfortunate day of the workweek into something worth looking forward to every week! If you would ever like to contribute to "2uesday a series" feel free to send your submissions directly to "oa.mg.contact@gmail.com". Scroll down for this weeks two pieces of content, contributed by our very own "Ziiirko"!


Ziiirko (Producer/DJ)

Ziirko is a Producer out of Southern California;
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Niiiteliiife (Instrumental)

The first contribution for today is the instrumental to Z's latest collaborative effort with Mr. Magnificent in the form of "Niiiteliiife" which was recently released through our partner group, Vibe High Society! Orginially featuring a sample from Tyler Durdern aka Bradd Pitt from "Fight Club" and with haunting chords and a beautiful saxophone lead, the production to "Niiiteliiife" just gets better with every play! Feel free to add it to your virtual record collection with the free download provided below.


Hiii $ociety (Instrumental) w/ Hussel Brand

The second contribution from Ziiirko this week comes as a production crafted with his consistent collaborator, "Hussel Brand". Featuring a motivational sample from Future at the beginning and briefly at the end and flipping glorious organ sounds into a high-energy hip-hop record suitable equally for free-styling as dropping in sets! Enjoy "Hiii $ociety" via the link & free download below!


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